Odessa Ship Repair Yard 'Ukraina' was founded in 1793. Today it is one of the biggest Ukrainian sea and river ship repair enterprises.

Besides shiprepair work, the yard also produces spare parts for main and auxiliary engines, ship equipment and systems, and machinery for port facilities as well as different types of metallic constructions and specialized industrial projects.

Since 1994, the yardhas also performed cargo handling.

Navigation Information:

General information.
Odessa Shipyard "Ukraina's" territory adjoins that of Odessa Merchant Sea Port. Its water area totals 406 000 sq.m. Ships should enter the shipyard via Odessa Sea Port waters. In general, the navigational rules in Odessa SRY waters correspond to those of Odessa Sea Port.

Navigational Conditions.
The yard can receive ships of maximum 195m length, 27m width and 7m draft for various types of repair. For cargo handling operations, the yard can receive ships of max. 170m length and 6.4m draft when loaded.

Pilotage is compulsory and performed by the yards pilots.

Tug Assistance.
All ships leaving and entering the yard should use the yard's tugs.
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