Our activities:

As agents, our primary intention is to organise a quick and efficient port call to the full satisfaction of the master and owners of the vessel. Prior to arrival of the ship, preparations are undertaken to negotiate for the right berth at the right time, book pilot, tug and mooring men, present customs documentation and arrange for provisions, medical attendance, accommodation and transport for on signing or off signing crew.

During the vessel's stay at Odessa we contact with suppliers, repairers, classification societies etc. Ship's spares, often required urgently during repairs, arriving from overseas are promptly cleared from customs and transferred to the vessel immediately. Our vast experience, contacts and local knowledge are all put together to provide an efficient and comprehensive service saving the owner precious time and money.

Our ship agency personnel visit vessels daily to see to any requirements and are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week for any necessity. Over the years we have acted as agents for a substantial number of vessels.

We perform shipping agency for unlimited tonnage vessels at all over the Ukrainian ports providing the following:Notice of readiness
Statement of facts Canal Transit
Securing smooth transit of Kerch -Yenikale Channel both north and south bound by completing all formalities prior to ship's arrival, while looking after all maritime, navigational and financial aspects.
Signing on/off crew and arranging repatriation crew change.
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